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Great, our social media activities yield success and feedback. Naturally, we are very happy about this. Of course we are even happier about your orders concerning project rescue. As you probably know already a well working project management needs experience and effort. Project rescue is even more demanding.

Once we analysed a project we give our customer a recommendation on how to proceed. There are three possibilities.

The first would be that we tell the customer to just carry on as everything is fine. Granted, this is rather academic as nobody would ask for an analysis if things are going smoothly. Still, it is possible.

The second option which luckily occurs very seldom is stopping the project since the endeavour would not bring a result which is according to the company’s needs. In this case they will have to evaluate a new solution.

The third recommendation is the one given the most frequently. The customer should continue with the project but establish new plans and some corrective measures; e.g. changing certain processes.

Project Recovery

Once we have given the recommendation our first contract ends and it is the customer’s decision if they want to entrust us with a second order consisting of project recovery. This phase comprises the elaboration of new plans and a list with the necessary corrections. We will negotiate both with the stakeholders. As soon as they accepted them we not only take over the responsibility for the project but as well for the project management.

If our customer has project managers to care about the daily business we are mainly there to support them.

Support Wanted

Very often our clients want us to do the «normal» project management as well. Of course this is fabulous but it has its price. As soon as several further requests for rescue reach us at the same time we might have a bottleneck since we want to save the world or at least all IT projects in need.

Looking for Support

Exactly for this reason we are looking for experienced project managers partnering with us. May we ask you to have a look around? If you know or find someone who is self-employed or runs a company offering such services please send them to us. In order to shed light on how we think cooperation should work and what exactly is required we established the respective whitepaper and a profile.

Thank you very much for your support.


Great Minds Think Alike

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If one’s business should prosper, they need business partners. Well, the choice is huge. But what are the criteria «like-minded people» are selected?
The most traditional kind of cooperation is probably the guilds. Originally they were reserved for men; no women allowed. Meanwhile, it has been discovered that gender, origin or religion alone do not tell anything about one’s qualifications and abilities. But as it seems, this knowledge is not yet applied.
There is an association for companies run by women and a technical group for women in information technology. As I am a woman and a company owner I had a look at both. At the time the link to the application form on the IT Ladies’ website did not work and the e-mail I wrote for this was answered already three weeks later. Wow, what a speedy customer service. Meanwhile the website has slightly changed and they invented German words one would not find in any dictionary; just to make sure visitors understand that this is a woman-thing.
The woman entrepreneurs maintain a directory exclusively for women’s companies. One guesses that it has been designed in 1992, as it looks rather dusty. Still, I registered my company. They lost the record ones and I renewed it. Recently, it got deactivated, which I was informed about by six e-mails which were automatically generated. It was a technical defect, which I reported to the lady in charge. Again a model customer service; the answer took only a week but contained a lot of excuses. The fault has been made by a machine, which has to suffice as an explanation and makes an apology redundant, doesn’t it?
Needless to say, that such behaviour is unprofessional and ridiculous. But it is not about women or men, as the result would probably be the same if one formed a club of gnomes, left-handers or redheads.
To make a partnership work, you have to set the right criteria. Professional competence must be the first and most important one. Moreover, this competence has to match or to complete one’s own expertise. Another important factor is fairness. These requirements slow down any network’s growth, but enhances its quality at the same time.  As far as I know there is only one network that selects its members by this system: IT-Houses. If you are interested, have a look at the website.


IT-Houses: We are looking for Business Partners.

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We are a network of small, efficient and highly competent IT companies. If any of these competencies belongs to your passions and/or competences, please contact us. We are  growing.

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Project Management
  • one or several Microsoft competences
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Network Technology
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Unified Communication
  • Client/Server Technology
  • Software Development

A membership is based on know-how. There is no member fee. All we are interested in is to offer our customers comprehensive services and a possibility to recommend real experts. Have less acquisition, team work and independence at the same time.

Please just send an e-mail on this site: http://www.it-houses.com/become_partner.asp

P.S. If you offer an IT technology or service which is not mentioned, you should still talk to us.


Head-Hunting. We are looking for brainy people.

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IT Houses is looking for Experts.