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It is said that Yahoo’s CEO – Marissa Mayer –  was obsessed with numbers and statistics. Well, she is definitely not alone with this. Especially in the Western world people believe in the truth of a message that comprises figures much more than one which is based only on reasoning and explanation. As if we always knew the origin of the numbers.

Do you think that this is a postmodern phenomenon? I hold against this opinion. No, it is ancient and in some traditions numbers meant a whole lot more than statistics. They literally were the world.

I am speaking of the Pythagoreans. This is a group of philosophers which originated in the 6th century BC. This community’s name stems from Pythagoras of Samos who, until this day, is known for his theorem (a2 + b2 = c2. Remember?). Of course his followers cared a lot about mathematics, but not just for calculation and statistics. These philosophers – again just like us – tried to understand the world, God and nature and believed that these can be explained by numbers. It is not quite clear what they really believed in as they did not leave us much text. But it seems clear that the Pythagoreans were a religious community in which numbers played a chief role. It is a lot about harmony and proportions, which are created by numbers. Yes, created, not only measured. Numbers are not symbols, they are actual beings. A five is somebody.

Although I do not consider numbers as beings I have some I prefer from others. For many reasons my absolute favourite number is 1.

And there is ONE thing pilum strives to be Number 1 and has good chances for this: IT Project Rescue. As it seems nobody else in our vicinity is offering this service to the extent and with the compassion we do.

This means that pilum is the Number 1 for IT project rescue in at least two ways: we are the first and the only ones doing it seriously.


Organisation Instead of Controlling «post mortem»

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It seems to me as if project controlling is often seen as a job which has to be done by the financial department. We budget at the beginning and recalculate in the end to check if the project is within the budget. We all know that this is rarely the case. Hence this assumption is wrong.
Comprehensive studies and our experience allow the conclusion that there are two aspects within IT project management which require particular attention but are typically neglected.
Of course the project manager does not exclusively concentrate on them, as the other aspects are to be watched as well.
Risk management means, that one lists all the potential threats that might be hidden in the endeavour. It is important that each threat has a «price tag». In the worst – meaning the most expensive – case you have to search for a different project solution. Yes, risk management is bothering and a risk budget makes the project more expensive. But only on the first glance. In the end it will protect you from bad surprises.
As for the change management I believe that it protects your project from «scope creep» which in respect to time and money is like a black hole. Therefore it is indispensable that you decide in the very beginning who is allowed to establish change requests and who has the deed to approve them.
With these measures you will be able to prevent your project form turning into a disaster
Need more information? Ask us.


Protect Your E-mail address from Spam

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Spam messages are annoying. Even if your e-mail system recognizes a good share of them, these unwanted messages still bring quite a load on your system.

The unrecognized messages have to be read and deleted, which is time consuming.

Spam messages are mostly generated by so called bots. They read the e-mail addresses and store them in directories. This means that one does not need to take rude e-mails personally but this is not very comforting.

The only thing one can to avoid providing further sources for spammers. If you want to publish your e-mail address on your own website or your blog, you must encrypt it.

Our tip is to use www.e-mail-protection.com. This is a free service for e-mail protection. All you have to do is to enter the e-mail address to be published, hit the button and copy the generated code in your HTML document. This takes less than 5 minutes and is really useful.


IT Project Rescue Or A Successful IT Project Needs an External Point of View

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pilum gmbh developed two services for IT project rescue.  You wonder why? Well, IT project rescue is not business as usual.

Did you know that IT projects have a high tendency to fail? Yes, you did.

But did you know that 17% (one out of six) of all IT projects end up at least 200% beyond budget and 70% behind schedule?  These figures are based on a large study which has been conducted by researchers of the University of Oxford**. According to them the reason is a certain organisational blindness.  Therefore they recommend an external point of view.

We know that there is always more than one reason which makes a project fail. Nevertheless, there are certain root causes which are the source of a number of other problems.

For this reason we emphasize the analysis, which is the first step to project rescue, hence to success.  Moreover, our service is modular, which means the customer can either buy the analysis alone and – if needed – the recovery service on top of it.

IT Project Analysis

We offer a comprehensive IT project analysis. Within this phase we interview some or all members of the project team and study the available documentation. We know for sure that the project team has knowledge and experience in the course of the project which is not documented, therefore interviews are indispensable.

Once this is done we write a report and give our client a recommendation of how to go on. In the best case – it may be rare – we just tell them to go on like before.  Sometimes we might even recommend to stop the project as it is already clear that it is not worthwhile to be rescued. Maybe the product a client bought is in the end not what the company needs.

Often we will recommend elaborating corrective actions and new plans.

Project Recovery

If the client desires it the project rescue goes into the second phase, which is at the same time pilum’s second service.

Project recovery starts with the definition of the corrective actions and the new planning. Both have to be negotiated with the respective stakeholders. It is important to know that only a plan which is accepted by all stakeholders is a good one. The project needs their support, as project rescue is no easy business.

As soon as there is an accord with all parties the implementation of the corrective actions and the new plans can start

Online Analysis

Even the best project rescue service is only possible, if the management recognizes the problem and is committed to solve it.

As it is not easy to assess this «project situation» correctly we offer an online analyzer, which is free of charge. The user has to answer three to six questions; the number depends on the answers given and receives a first analysis by e-mail. The procedure takes five to ten minutes in total.

Last Not Least

IT projects require a lot of expertise. Of course we offer IT project management as well, which probably prevents you from the need of IT project rescue. We work where your IT projects are and speak English, German and French. Please talk to us.

** The original research report can be donlowed form the website of the University of Oxford. http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/centres/bt/Pages/default.aspx.


pilum. IT Project Rescue

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IT project rescue does is not the reinvention of the wheel, but to understand how to use the available knowledge.

We analyse the existing documents and interview the members – at least some of them – of your project team. With this method we use your experience and the results which were produced so far to create a new solution. With our recommendation, the new plans and the results that already existed you receive the optimal solution for a successful IT project at a reasonable price.


An Additional Service to IT Project Rescue. Just for Fun.

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Even in the midst of IT projects and IT project rescue there must be time for other things. We figured you might like to send e-cards with colourful pictures and wise or funny quotes. Of course they are free of charge and can be sent to any valid e-mail address.  E-Cards are available in English and in German and suitable for various occasions.

We hope you enjoy sending e-cards as much as we enjoyed creating them.

For English e-cards please have a look at: http://www.it-projectmanagement.com/send-cards.html

For German cards please click on http://www.it-projektleitung.com/karten-senden.html



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IT projects are a challenge; and always will be.

As previously discussed the Oxford University conducted a study over 1471 IT projects between 2005 and 2010. The results were published in 2011 and they are very sobering. One out of six projects goes badly wrong. Bad in figures means at least 200% beyond budget and 70% behind schedule.

Make sure this will not happen to your IT projects. Not only pilum offers IT project rescue, but as well a tool for a first online analysis.

It takes you about 5 minutes of your time to answer the questions and you will get a scope and a recommendation per e-mail within one or two minutes.

Please assure your projects, find out if you need assistance and where to get it.


pilum gmbh

Brigitte Kobi


IT Project Rescue. Two New Services.

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We already covered that one out of six IT Projects goes badly wrong.

According to our announcement we developed two new services about IT Project Rescue.

  • IT Project Analysis
  • IT Project Recovery

The analysis answers the questions if corrective measures are required or if the project justifies this effort.

During the IT Project Recovery the suggested corrective actions – as far as agreed with the customer – will be implemented.

Our Website provides you with additional information. www.it-project-rescue.com.

Please feel free to download the respective Whitepaper IT Project Rescue: Whitepaper-1.0 .


IT Project Rescue. Some Information.

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Some days ago we published that the blueprint is completed. Now we are establishing the description of the solution.

Please find the overview below. More details coming soon. Stay online.



Customizable Service for IT Project Rescue.

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Bad news first: IT projects are three times less successful than the ones done by the building industry. That’s how it is formulated by the magazine CIO.

We all know that IT projects are a challenge and bring a lot of instability in a company. But how much of a challenge they really are shows a study which has been performed by the Oxford University.*

The researchers analysed almost 1500 it projects from the years 2005 to 2010 and published the sobering results in 2011.

One out of 6 projects exceeds the timeline with arount 70% and is 200% beyond budget. Besides these very expensive endeavours there are eight out of ten projects – yes, 80%! – which cost more than originally calculated.

Now the good news. We believe that the damage can at least be significantly mitigated if one acts in due time.

Therefore we are actually creating a new and customizable IT project management service. The blueprint (only available in German yet), which delivers the basis for the solution can be downloaded.

The whitepaper – this time in English – will be published shortly.

Stay online. 

*The study is ready for download on the website of the
Oxford University http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/centres/bt/Pages/default.aspx

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