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We already informed about the E-Card Tool.

But now there is a new feature. You can send e-cards directly from Facebook. Send as many e-cards as you like. They are free of charge.

Just go on E-Card Tool’s Facebook page.  A click on the picture below you will take you there.


How you will see a tab (third from left) which reads «Send a free E-Card». If you click on it you will be asked for the entrance fee: One «Like».

 Here you go. Now you can choose from 20 e-cards with English and German texts. Happy sending.

If you would like e-cards to be sent from your own website please contact WorldService. Of course your e-cards will be customized according to your requirements.





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«An meinen Bildern müsst ihr nicht schnüffeln, die Farben sind giftig», sagte einst Rembrandt.

Senden Sie fröhliche, ironische, nachdenkliche, werbewirksame Nachrichten mit E-Cards. Auf einen bunten August.

«A picture is worth a thousand words».

On this e-card there are five pictures, which in this sense equal 5000 words. Plenty of space, to convey news and any kind of messages.

We wish you a «talkative month of August».


Breaking News

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Breaking news don’t need a lot of words. An image and some well-chosen words will do. Attract your reader’s attention by sending e-cards. More information on http://ecard-tool.com


P.S. Even your customers and friends can send breaking news and recommned your company at the same time.


E-Card. Juni 2012. Juno on the way to Jupiter.

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Are you already preparing for your holidays? There is always a lot to plan and all your friends expect greetings from your vacation spot. And how often does it happen that you are back home before your greeting cards are?

With e-cards you can be sure that your travel reports and greetings reach their target within a few minutes.

If you run a business you can inform all your customers and partners about your annual closing – all of them, with only one mouse-click.

Enjoy your holidays and prepare for them stress-free.