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Another part of artificial intelligence is pattern recognition. I am not an expert in this subject but as it seems this ability is a digital challenge.

For example there is a science project called Zooiverse. Every layman with a PC and an internet connection can contribute by deciphering ancient handwriting or categorizing craters according to their size simply by comparing them to samples. While this ability is pretty basic for the human brain it is a real challenge to information technology. I guess our species would never have survived if we couldn’t distinguish edible fruit to poisonous one.

Let’s go back to the question about fiction and reality. The “realistic” categorization of craters is based on pictures of planets none of us will ever see. The photos have been taken and sent down to earth by satellite.

As far as I am concerned I lost the grasp of fiction and reality and will rest my case with a (fictional) discussion of an astronomer and brain surgeon:

The astronomer scoffs: “I travelled the space and never saw an angel.” The brain surgeon responded: “I perform brain surgery and never found a single thought.”

Needless to say, that I believe more in thoughts than in angels. If I am right only the Gods know. And their reality is in the thoughts of every individual.


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