Fiction and Reality | Titles, Education, Jobs

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Knowledge is the major capital of our time as nobody would doubt. The question is: are we just talking about titles?

In 2011 a German politician lost his doctor’s degree due to plagiarism. It seems to me that the discoveries of dissertation and theses based on the intellectual property of someone else are becoming more numerous.

Last month the technical University of Zurich had to deprive a politician of an academic degree since she copied parts of her theses without citing the source. She defended herself by alleging that she did not know about the respective rules and that her political enemies were working against her. Since one is provided a set of rules concerning citation this is hard to believe.

Since a few days ago we know that a director of the renowned University hospital in Zurich has been dismissed because his doctor’s degree has been bought from the UC Berkley. What a difference an e makes. On the first glance we all think of the University of California in Berkeley. Unfortunately this title is not from California but from Michigan and has been bought from a non-accredited title-mill.

Of course these persons may still be very educated or do an impeccable job.

Still, such deceit sheds light on another facet of my actual subject about fiction and reality. Apparently, these false titles sometimes lead to real results in the form of better job positions. Only those who have the bad luck to get busted fall off mount Olympus; at least for a certain period of time.

While a Swiss poet of the 19th century held the opinion that clothes make people it seems as if his dictum needs an update: Titles automatically mean education and knowledge.

Um, before you ask: I don’t have a doctor’s title; not even for project rescue.

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Fiction and Reality | TV Series

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In the previous story I pondered on invisible reality and fiction that seems to be real.

The most visible form of fiction is the film business. Since this is exactly what we spectators expect Hollywood to provide that’s fine. We all want to forget about the daily routine from time to time.

I want it to be understood that this does not include documentary films as their goal is not entertainment and it would be very cynical to look at war reports as fiction.

Let’s go back to the film industry. Even though we know that the story is made up and that the actors are not identical with the characters they play the impact movies have on us seem to be real. At least this offers a possible explanation for the fact the some actors always play similar roles even if it might not be their own desire. Experts might think that some actors are born comedians while others are brilliant character actors or film companies do not want to change a winning horse.

Still, I am afraid that this is only half the story. TV channels bestow a never ending amount of series upon us. Although each episode is a story of its own they are all manned with the same characters. Each TV series consist of certain patterns which slightly vary from one episode to the next. Be it “Lassie”, “Bonanza” or “The Simpsons” we know the standard team that clings together fighting against the rest of the world. You will admit that this sounds rather boring and repetitive. Nevertheless, series and some characters seem to have a seat in our living room and given the number of episodes some series have it takes quite some time until we lose temper and fire them. Maybe series add some stability to our hectic lives and make a nice contrast to the news.

Media scientists analyse TV series. I don’t know the research results but I believe that we like – or in some cases don’t like – these characters for certain reasons. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if the character is a comic figure or a real person. Yellow Bart Simpson and his hedgehog-like haircut have probably more admirers than the coolest FBI agent. If you ask me to choose I go for Wilma Flintstone – the comic figure. Why? Of all series stars she makes me laugh the most.

And this is real!


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